September 10, 2019

MAPS September Meeting 2019

started at 7:06pm by Pres. Ted Flynn

Present: Ted Flynn, Carrie Davis, Norm Gerring, Jim Jordan, Harry Carlson, and Billy Howarth. Absent with permission: Fritz Schmidt


Treasury report was sent to us in a group text earlier in the day.

Meeting with Great Lakes Santas and Ted Flynn & Harry Carlson was amicable. We encourage them to keep up their good works.

Active Attacker video was talked about but decided to not send it out to the membership. It was thought at this time to be an individual member item.

Red Suit Conclave, several places are being considered beside Saginaw. Norm will check with Canterbury Village in Lake Orion and report back next month.

Motion made by Harry Carlson and seconded by Jim Jordan to create a committee for next years RSC. Harry, Ted, Carrie, Jim are on it and looking for a few other members. Norm declined.

The date is the first weekend in August, hopefully every year.

Talked about other meetings (luncheons) that have occurred this past month and on ones coming up.

Sep 14th Frankenmuth, Mrs Claus Roundtable & Shopping

Sep 18th Traverse City, luncheon

Sep 28th Canterbury Village, Round Table for Santa’s & helpers

Motion by Harry Carlson to close meeting seconded by Jim Jordan

I (Norm Gerring) forgot to look at the ending time.