Charter and By Laws Of The


We the MI Association of Professional Santa’s (M.A.P.S.) are Santa’s and their counterparts
(Mrs. Clauses, Elves, Helpers, and Support Staff) desire to become the best Santa Claus (or
counterparts) we possibly can be, establish this Charter for our governance.


The name of this association shall be MI Association of Professional Santa’s. The mailing
address for Association purposes will be the current President or his/her assignee.

ARTICLE II: Objective

We shall promote mutual understanding and friendship for Michigan Santa’s and their
counterparts (Mrs. Clauses, elves, helpers, and support staff – here after called Santa
community), to fellowship together, discuss various subjects pertaining to the portrayal of
Santa Claus and to become the best at their chosen character

ARTICLE III: Membership

Membership shall be open to the Santa community of Michigan, and to the extending area.
Three memberships are offered:

  1. Member: Residents of Michigan of legal age
  2. Youth Member: starting at age 12 but under 18
  3. Associate: non-residents of Michigan

All members must adhere to the Santa Oath on the M.A.P.S. website, published and
copyrighted in 2008 by Phillip L Wenz.
(see Appendix)

Note: A person whose business hires Santa’s or their counterparts, and is not a practicing
member of the Santa community is not allowed membership in M.A.P.S.
All members must have access to a computer.

ARTICLE IV: Government

Governance shall be accomplished by the Board of Directors.

A yearly Steering committee meeting shall be held during summer months. The
recommendations of this committee meeting shall be sent to the Board of Directors for review
and appropriate legal action and may or may not vote to implement those recommendations.

The BOD is responsible for the daily operations of the association. The BOD is the entity which
has started this Nonprofit Organization, and has final say in all functioning of the nonprofit

ARTICLE V: Board Of Directors

BOD Officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Directors

Officer/s shall be members in good standing of M.A.P.S. for at least one year and an active
adult member. Per Roberts Rules of Order, A Board of Directors Meeting may only be held if
there is a Voting Quorum present in the meeting, in person or online.

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Directors (not less than
two). BOD shall serve at their own expense with no reimbursement for travel, meals, or other
related expenses. All Board of Directors will be elected by a majority vote of the Board of
Directors meeting.

All officers will be elected at a Board of Directors meeting when a Quorum is present and serve
until, they request to leave or are removed from office by BOD majority vote.
The BOD will meet as needed, including electronically; may fill openings on the BOD as
needed; it may create new positions and officers for some future area of responsibility for
M.A.P.S. if needed.

The Board of directors Shall have a minimum of 7 members in good standing of the
membership. If possible, from the north, south, east, and west of Michigan.

IV: Duties of The Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors Shall encourage Meet, Greet, and Eat ‘Events’; for the benefit of all the
members in M.A.P.S.

The Board of Directors shall appoint special committees as needed with a Board of Directors
being a member of those committees. No committee will ever make rules and/or policy.
Members of M.A.P.S. and/BOD members may be removed by the BOD for due cause such as
not adhering to the Santa Oath published in 2008 by PLW.

The Board of Directors may call for a vote of confidence for any member of the BOD. If a ‘no
confidence’ vote is found by a 2/3 majority vote they will be removed from office. A
nominating committee will be appointed, and a special election will be held in 30 days to
replace officer(s).

The BOD shall prepare an annual budget to present to membership for review. The Board of
Directors have the final say and vote on the annual budget.

ARTICLE VI: Amendments

This Charter may be amended, provided those amendments have first been voted on by The
Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is the final governing authority of M.A.P.S.

MI Association of Professional Santa’s is a board of Directors run organization. Members can
be part of the Board of Directors, if elected by a majority of the Board of Directors. Family
members are not entitled to be a part of the Board of Directors

Robert’s Rule of Order shall be used to conduct all Board of Director Meetings, Committee
meetings, and general membership meetings.



  • Is elected by fellow BOD members, she/he may be removed by a majority vote of the BOD at any time for due cause.
  • The President is to serve as the duly authorized and legal representative of M.A.P.S. She/he must sign all legal documents, with the secretary, in all cases where a signature(s) is (are) required.
  • His/her term of office is for a total of a maximum of 3 years. The BOD will elect a new President who shall serve for maximum total of three years, no President may serve more than one 3 year term in secession.
  • Recommend new or replacement members to the BOD for approval from the BOD. A board member shall serve until she/he resigns or is removed by a 2/3 majority vote of the BOD.
  • In case of ‘emergency’ the President will ask for BOD approval and explain such action at the next Board of Directors Meeting.
  • The President is ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Appoint the yearly Audit Committee in January for a full report in writing to the Board of Directors and the at large membership.


  • Prepare agendas for General Membership meetings.
  • Record minutes of all M.A.P.S. Board of Directors meetings, post on M.A.P.S. website within 30 days. Be signatory of record on all financial accounts.
  • Maintain Board of Directors membership attendance records for all meetings.
  • Forward minutes of all Committee meetings to all Board of Directors and members via website within 60 days. Attend BOD meetings.

Vice President:

  • Oversees the website administrator
  • Shall work closely with the president
  • Be prepared to assume Presidents duties and responsibilities if needed


  • Maintain accurate records and administer funds as needed.
  • Steering Committee donation records
  • Other donations & contributions records
  • Provide to the Recording Secretary names of Steering Assembly in good standing
  • Pay bills after approval of the BOD.
  • Pay all fixed bills (website fee, State fee, insurance, and others) in a timely and safe manner.
  • If the treasurer determines an emergency exist and must be paid s/he will explain to the
  • President who will ask for approval of the BOD.
  • Provide information for the yearly audit including M.A.P.S. website for the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.
  • Be first signatory of record on all financial accounts.
  • Complete and file tax returns each year.

Assistant Treasurer

  • Shall work closely with the treasurer
  • Be prepared to assume treasurer duties and responsibilities if needed
  • Bills are to be paid by the treasurer or their representative in a timely manner.
  • Note: as technology will change in the future, this website may turn into some other means solely with the permission of the Steering Assembly

Website Director

  • For purpose of accountability the website administrator is a Director and will give a full report at the annual Board of Directors Meetings.
  • The website Administrator shall appoint staff as needed.
  • Changes to the website are strictly within the realm of the Administrator

ARTICLE IX: Funding & Treasury

Funds are raised through donations, raffles or other legal means; no dues are required for

An Audit Committee will be formed for yearly audits and presented to the Board of Directors;
and General Membership

M.A.P.S. year is calendar year, beginning in April of the current year and ending in March of
the following year.

ARTICLE X: Amendments for Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended, provided those amendments are first reviewed by the Board
of Directors. The proposed amendments shall be presented to the general membership at
least one month in advance of a called Board of Directors meeting. Adoption of amendments
shall be by a simple majority affirmative vote of the Board of Directors present

ARTICLE XI: Committees

Current Committees listed:

  • Audit Committee
  • Steering Committee
  • Mrs. Claus Committee
  • Event Committee
  • Education Committee

Any member or associate member may be part of a committee, A committee must have at
least one member of the Board of Directors on it.
All committee members must sign in at each meeting to vote.
No absentee voting allowed.
A simple majority of members present shall be required to pass motions. Results of all
committee votes shall be sent to the Board of Directors for further review, and (if needed, and
voted in favor of the board of directors) to take action in the result of the committee vote.

The yearly Steering Committee meeting will be called and arranged for by the Board of

The Steering Committee meeting will send all the final recommendations to the Board of
Directors for vote. The Board of Directors may or may not vote to implement such
recommendations as they see fit.

Appendix: Santa Claus Oath

I will seek knowledge to be well versed in the mysteries of bringing Christmas cheer and good
will to all people that I encounter in my journeys and travels.
I shall be dedicated to hearing the secret dreams of both children and adults.
I understand that the true and only gift I can give, as Santa, is myself.
I acknowledge that some of the requests I will hear will be difficult and sad. I know in these
difficulties there lies an opportunity to bring a spirit of warmth, understanding and
I know the “real reason for the season” and know the I am blessed to be able to be a part of it.
I realize that I belong to a brotherhood and will be supportive, honest and show fellowship to
my peers.
I promise to use “my” powers to create happiness, spread love and make fantasies come to
life in the true and sincere tradition of the Santa Claus Legend.
I pledge myself to these principles as a descendant of St. Nicholas the gift giver of Myra.

Used here with permission from Phillip L. Wenz
The Santa Claus Oath is copyrighted under an attachment with Arcadia Publishing 2008 by
Phillip L. Wenz
ISBN #978-0-7385-4149-5 and LGGG #2007925452 – All rights reserved.

Charter & Bylaws Approved By The Board of Directors on Tuesday October 17th, 2023

Last Updated: 10/17/2023