Santa Education

When does a Santa stop learning?

Never – in M.A.P.S. we learn from each other, here on the website and when we meet at a scheduled event. We encourage all members to attend a Santa School, go to Santa Conventions, and always keep learning, learning, and learning.

Santa Educational Seminars sponsored by M.A.P.S.

The first full weekend in August every year we have the Red Suit Conclave. Information will become available around the first of June location and what is available as far as training will be on the Events section of the website. This training will be at no cost and open to all Christmas entertainers, members and non members.

There will also be training available by outside trainers coming to Michigan and we will make their information available as soon as we know time date and location. These schools will most likely not be free so please go to their websites for the complete information.

Santa Schools Directory

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