July 2, 2019


The MAPS Board held an in-person meeting at Pierce Road Bar & Grill, Saginaw, Michigan at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, July 2, 20129. Present were: Norm Gerring, Fritz Schmidt, Ted Flynn, and (me) Harry Carlson.

It was noted that 4 members constitutes a quorum, so official business can be conducted if necessary.

General planning discussion ensued about the August 3 Red Suit Conclave:

We don’t know yet if Carrie Davis has purchased the required insurance. 

It’s important we keep notes. Harry volunteered to write the minutes. 

Ted will update the Conclave day agenda to remind us of our assignments.

We should probably keep updating the list of what we need and who is taking responsibility for each thing. Coffee, urns, cups, cookies, signs, etc., and whatever else we think of as the date nears. 

Estimates of attendance currently vary from 31 RSVPs to 50 or 60 including Mrs. Clauses and guests.

Norm recommends a silent auction to raise funds. We don’t really have a firm estimate of costs yet.

There is some question whether we have an “acting” president or an actual president. 

Norm moved, and Fritz seconded, that Ted Flynn be president. Motion carried, 4-0. 

Harry moved, and Norm seconded, that Fritz Schmidt be Vice President. Motion carried, 4-0. 

These were the only 2 official actions taken at the meeting, other than adjournment.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:00.

Respectfully submitted, Harry Carlson