October 8, 2019

Oct 8, 2019 (Tuesday)

Called to order 7:08pm by Ted Flynn, President

Present: Ted Flynn, Fritz Schmidt, Carrie Davis, Harry Carlson, Jim Jordan, Norm Gerring, absent: Billy Howarth

Treasure Report sent earlier in a text.

Motion to contact Saginaw for August Red Suit Conclave by Norm Gerring, seconded by Harry Carlson. While we still have one month to look for another location. Passed.

Discussion of Harry Carlson’s OCT 19TH: M.A.P.S. PRE-PREPARATION SESSION and PARTY, LIVONIA. He has $500 commitment to the restaurant and is hoping to get more members to attend than are currently listed. He was hoping for 30 and currently has 6 RSVP’s.

Discussion about our Donate button on our website. Some find it too difficult to use to ‘pay’ for something like Red Suit Conclave, or other events or even our store items. It was agreed that Fritz would talk to Roger Minton to see if it could be improved so members could clearly state what the money is for.

Motion to end meeting by Norm Gerring, seconded by Jim Jordan, passed.

Meeting ended at 7:45pm

Minutes by Norm Gerring