October 6, 2020

Michigan Association of Professional Santas


Board of Directors Meeting

(Zoom Online Meeting)

October 6, 2020

Attendance: Ted Flynn, Fritz Schmidt, Norm Gerring, Billy Howarth, Ellen Trepening

Excused absent: Michael Howe, Harry Carlson, Jim Jordan

Called to order by President Flynn at 7:03pm

Old Minutes: Presented via text online

Treasurer’s Report: Harry Carlson (texted earlier)

  1. a) Our checking account balance as of today is $2,503.77 .
  2. b) I received the new checks in the mail and also my debit card.
  3. c) I paid the insurance liability policy using the debit card. So the above balance is after the insurance bill was paid.
  4. d) Expenditures since last month were the $697.00 insurance premium, and a charge of $34.45 for the new checks.


Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • Ted sent the following email: “I want you guys to look at this and see what you think and if we go ahead and put it on the website and see if we can attract some attention. We can talk about it tomorrow night at the board meeting at seven.”

He is proposing a two day event (Monday & Tuesday) at the Double JJ Resort. This is one of those events the more that come the more fun it will be. And the Double JJ Resort is excited about the prospect of having Michigan’s Santas come and play at their place. He needs at least twenty to commit to going.

Motion: by Norm to create n event called ‘Jingle Joy Retreat” at the Double JJ Resort May 17 & 18, 2021. Seconded by Ellen. Motion passed.


Lots of work to do, more updates in future. We’re just not sure at this point if we will have a November meeting.

  • 2021 Red Suit Conclave

1) Ted will be contacting Saginaw Convention Center.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Ellen, 2nd by Billy. Motion passed at 7:35pm.

Minutes submitted by: Norm Gerring

Approved by: President Flynn