Started 7:05 pm

  1. Discussion of Red Suit Conclave classes
  2. Claus will have 2 classes, one class on Saturday, the other on Sunday: To teach E. Terpening
  3. Virtual experiences class, include PM, VV, VP: To teach M. Howe
  4. OBS: To teach M. Breuer
  5. Santa props: To teach Jim Jordan?
  6. Vocalization: To teach Bruce Kotavich if the borders are open
  7. Santa magic: To teach Randyl Lee & Jim Tait?
  8. Storytelling: Howe
  9. Santa Business: T. Flynn
  10. Bill will do 50/50 and Basket Auction
  11. Swap meet: Howe
  12. How to create a website ???
  13. Check in & Coffee: Tim Terpening
  14. Photos: Tim Terpening
  15. Clean up: Bill & everyone
  16. Vendors: Ted
  17. Dinner on Saturday

Treasurer Report:  $3380.60

The board agreed that Tim Terpening should be the historian of MAPS. M. Howe made the motion for Tim Terpening to be the historian of MAPS.  Seconded by Ellen.  Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn:  Jim

Second it:  Ellen

Motion passed


Meeting ended 8:10 pm

Note:  These minutes are the personal notes of Ellen Terpening and were taken in because the secretary was not able too.