Started 7:04 pm

  1. Discussion of creating a MAPS newsletter.
    1. Harry volunteered to do this. Please submit your articles by the 3rd week of each month so that Harry has time to add them in.  He wants to post the newsletter on the 1st of each month.
  2. Discussion of White Elephant auction.
    1. At the Jingle Joy Retreat. Bring wrapped gift with note of hint.  Can be a nice gift or gag.
    2. Ted will be doing break out rooms for classes
    3. Howe will be in charge of the Talent Show
    4. Harry will be in charge of the golf outing
    5. Ellen will be doing a class for Mrs. Clauses
    6. Ted said he has the Maverick room at the Double JJ
  3. Discussion of the new website:
    1. Roger Minton is doing this
    2. There will be email blasts and be posted in the newsletter about the new website
  4. Discussion of Facebook old groups.
    1. Harry will follow up with the questions to the person that oversaw these groups-(Roger & Norm)
    2. Ellen volunteered to follow up with Carrie and do the Mrs. Claus group (MAPS First Ladies)
  5. MAPS BOD meetings are the second Tuesdays of each month.


Ellen motioned to adjourn.

Randyl second it.

Motion passed

Meeting ended 8:13 pm



Note:  These minutes are the personal notes of Ellen Terpening and were taken in because the secretary was not able too.