May 4, 2020

Michigan Association of Professional Santas


Board of Directors Meeting

(Zoom Online)

May 4, 2020

Attendance: Ted Flynn, Billy Howarth, Michael Howe (new member this meeting), Harry Carlson, Jim Jordan, Fritz Schmidt, Norm Gerring

Called to order by President Flynn at 7pm

Old Minutes: Presented via text online

Treasurer’s Report: Harry Carlson

Still no new bank account opened. He will work on it this next month. It was suggested to think about keeping the account in Saginaw that Carrie Davis opened. We would have to have Harry’s name on it and Billy Haworth’s (Assistant Treasurer). Some talk about having all the board members on it. That way if or when the job is transferred no problem adding the new name.

New Board Member: President Flynn introduced our newest board member, Michael Howe.

New Business:

  • Events: Online Gathering created by Michael Howe is doing very well during the pandemic that the state (world) is going through at this time. Which means we cannot gather together until the State authorize it. Attendance has been growing, starting out small and is now up to about 20. This is a great time for not only new members but older members to share and to learn.  This online (Zoom) meeting that at first glance was a replacement for our ‘events’. But now they are in a category all their own. They are a great ‘learning sessions’ for our membership.
  • Possible adding a Member At Large position: There was some talk of the need for a woman on the board and we are looking into it now. Specifically to see to woman’s needs in the association. Several names were mentioned. More on this next month.
  • Red Business Card Holders: Seven new ones, at a cost of $19.59. Norm is donating that to MAPS. He needs to meet with Billy to show him how it is done and explain about how to order things. All this depends on the current pandemic in Michigan and when the lockdown ends.
  • Red Suit Conclave: President Flynn asked board members who are teaching to get the information to him before the June board meeting. Norm mentioned the Jim Tait has agreed to help with the Magic class in any way needed.President Flynn asked board members who are attending any Santa schools or conventions this year to pay attention to what we can use to improve our Red Suit Conclave.

Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by Harry Carlson, 2nd by Norm Gerring, passed at 8pm.

Minutes submitted by: Norm Gerring

Approved by: May 7, 2020 Ted Flynn, President