June 9, 2020

Michigan Association of Professional Santas

Board of Directors Meeting

June 9, 2020

Present: Ted Flynn, Harry Carlson, Fritz Schmidt, Billy Howarth, Michael Howe, Norman Gerring. Excused: Jim Jordan

Meeting called to order 7:00PM

Minutes: Approved earlier. But failed to include meeting date fo future meetings will be first Tuesday of the month.

Treasurer Report: Harry Carlson

  Our current bank in Saginaw seems to be the best to use at this time. Harry has talked with a representative who has said all he needs is an official statement from M.A.P.S. removing Carrie Davis as Treasurer and appointing Harry as new Treasurer.

Motion: by Norman Gerring, 2nd by Michael Howe to remove Carrie Davis as Treasurer and replace with Harry Carlson as Treasurer, with Billy D. Howarth and Frederick (Fritz) J. Schmidt as Assistant Treasurers. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Norman Gerring, 2nd by Billy Howarth to make Harry Carlson M.A.P.S. resident agent on our Michigan State LLC document. Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business: None

New Business:

Red Suit Conclave: Date is August 1st

Ted Flynn has completed agenda and sent it to us all via email. He asked us to please review it and send him corrections or suggestions.

Ted will create name tags for the event.

Discussion of giving pens that say

Michigan Association of Professional Santas M.A.P.S.

Red Suit Conclave

No year so they can be used next year if needed. Harry, Billy, and Norm will meet soon to work out the details. The Conclave is August 1st so time is running out.

Ted is looking for a restaurant for dinner to end the Conclave.

Norm will schedule the event on the MAPS website tomorrow.

Michael proposed a MAPS Picnic July 11th in Alma, Michigan. We all liked the idea and he will schedule it on MAPS website. Hamburgers will be furnished and the rest is ‘pot luck’.

Ted told us of a potential new member to the board of directors. Her name Ellen Terpening and someone he thinks can help us on the board, particularly from a woman’s standpoint. We all agreed and asked him to contact her about serving on the board.

Motion to end meeting by Harry, seconded by Billy. Passed at 7:29PM

Minutes submitted by Norman Gerring, Recording Sec.