Time stated 4:00 pm


Michael Howe             Ellen Terpening                       Michael Beurer

Randyl Lee                  Roger Minton                          Harry Carlson


Old Business:

  1. Jingle Joy Double JJ Resort update:
    1. Santa Tim needs to be in Washington on the Friday he is supposed to teach his classes at the Jingle Joy Retreat. He is the National Santa for Toys for Tots and was asked to be in Washington for their parade.  What are our options?
    2. Options discussed
      1. Ted to be a substitute teacher to teach the class on Friday.
      2. Change Jingle Joy classes date to Monday & Tuesday instead of Thursday and Friday.
  • Move Santa Tim’s classes to Thursday & Friday before the Red Suit Conclave.
  1. Change the date to an entirely different weekend.
  2. Santa Tim to fly back & teach on Sunday at the Double JJ Jingle Joy Retreat.
  3. Decision was not made due to needing more information. Ted said he would follow up with Santa Tim and send out an email to the BOD.
  • (This statement is from Ted since Ellen had to leave the meeting due to her being sick). The final decision was made after the meeting which was to keep it the way it was date wise timewise. Tim will do Thursday and Ted will teach Friday. Tim will try to cover all the main topics on Thursday and I/Ted will cover contracts and marketing and stuff like that on Friday.
  1. This is the email that was sent by Ted to the BOD.
    1. Jingle Joy retreat school4Santa training.

      Just got off the phone with Santa Tim and this is what he wants to do he will come in on Wednesday for Thursday’s class and he’s going to put everything in Thursday’s session that is performance related basically everything but the business portion of it will be taught on Thursday. Friday he’s going to provide everyone in the class his full course thumb drive for the school that normally sells for $119 for free and we will cover the business portion of it on Friday using the thumb drive and he and I will get together and do a curriculum for that to make sure it fits into the one-day format. So basically, he will only be there for one day but in addition to the $50 off per person he’s going to provide the $119 thumb drive which covers the entire school for people to keep and to review later if they need to. So we wouldn’t make any changes to the time or place.
      He will contact everyone that is signed up for the school so far and if anyone is not happy with that he will gladly refund their money but he seem to think this would be enough of an added bonus getting the thumb drive so that no one would want to cancel out. I Will give him a couple of weeks to contact everyone and then will send out an email blast with the changes and still encourage people to sign up with the new school format. He apologizes that he has to make these changes but his commitment to Toys For Tots is at the highest level and as much as he hated to miss a day with us he felt it was an obligation he had to consider and was very thankful that we understood. Let me know if anybody needs further clarification just give me a call.

      Thanks Ted

Adjourn Meeting

  • Michael Beurer made the motion to adjourn meeting
  • Ted Flynn seconded the motion
  • Motion passed
  • Meeting ended 5:00 pm