Time stated 7:00 pm


Ted Flynn         Michael Howe             Ellen Terpening                       Michael Beurer

Randyl Lee      Roger Minton              Harry Carlson                          Jim Jordan



  1. Minutes were read
  2. Harry Carlson made the motion to approve the minutes
  3. Motion was seconded by Ellen Terpening, motion passed


Treasurer’s Report:

(Per Harry Carlson via his Facebook Messenger App)

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Our current balance is $4,862.51.
  2. Our only activity was, I deposited $265.77 from PayPal.
  3. Chris cashed/deposited her expenses check for $150.92.
  4. Jim Jordan made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report
    1. Michael Beurer Seconded the motion, The motion passed


Old Business:

  1. Jingle Joy group room discussion-The group room will cost us $400.00 for our entire stay.  Harry will bring credit card and will pay for this room when he gets there.  Ted did get this in writing.
    1. Jingle Joy discussion of agenda.
    2. Double JJ front desk does not have the authority to change the rates only Brandy can change the rate.
  2. Red Suit Conclave discussion
    1. Shawn and Erica will be teaching Mrs. Claus classes. Ellen has been voluntold/promoted to teaching Marketing to everyone-Santas & Mrs. Clauses.
    2. Discussion of curriculum and possible curriculum meeting.
    3. Discussion of switching hotels. We will be using Sheraton.  It is the same rate as Holiday INN Express.
    4. Discussion of Spangle as a vendor.
  3. Website update discussion
    1. 27 registered for Jingle Joy.
    2. 25 registered for Red Suite Conclave.
    3. Old website had 340 members.
    4. New website has 345 members.
    5. 20 members active in a 3-day period. 10 members active daily.
    6. Roger will get number of new members who have joined MAPS for next BOD meeting.
    7. Discussion of new changes soon to be coming to the website.
    8. Ellen referred several Mrs. Clauses to become members of MAPS.
    9. Our website will renew in July 2022.
  4. Wrap-Up discussion
    1. Randyl Lee is the chair of the Wrap-Up dinner.
    2. Randyl will be making a Wrap-Up committee.
    3. Restaurant discussion-We have outgrown Mama Mia’s and will be picking a new restaurant and location. More to come at the April BOD meeting.  Randyl is in the process of looking for a central location and for it to be easy off and on the highway.
  5. Bylaw’s update discussion
    1. Changes need to be ready quick. Need to get it out to members by 5/1/22.  These possible changes will be put on April’s BOD agenda.
    2. Everyone read charter prior to next BOD meeting.


New Business:

  1. Michael Howe will be interviewed tonight with SAT BOB’S LIVE to promote MAPS. Ellen will be interviewed on May 10, 2022,
  2. IBRBS wants MAPS to become a charter. Discussion followed.  This was tabled to be put on April’s BOD agenda.
  3. Discussion of ordering MAPS items. The information posted below is from Bill:
    1. Items needed 1- item number 1302, 48 cups, $10,50 each, including artwork and delivery.  The cups are very expensive, I think it will be difficult to sell them at cost.
    2. com. pins (same as before) 100 for $2.82 each, or 200 for $2.28 each.
  4. MAPS logo discussion about freshening it up. This was tabled to put on April’s BOD agenda.
  5. Art of Storytelling Recital is 3/31/22.



Adjourn Meeting

  • Michael Beurer made the motion to adjourn meeting
  • Ted Flynn seconded the motion
  • Motion passed
  • Meeting ended 7:45 pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Terpening, PhD