Time stated 7:00 pm


Michael Howe             Ellen Terpening                       Michael Beurer           Jim Jordan

Randyl Lee                  Roger Minton                          Harry Carlson              Billie Howarth

Norm Gerring (guest to present report)



  1. Minutes were read
  2. Michael Beurer made the motion to approve the minutes of both dates
  3. Motion was seconded by Ted Flynn, motion passed



Norm Gerring presented his goals of SEM’S and how its meetings are going, how it helps MAPS.  In his goals and objectives, Norm stated he felt we need cells around the state.  SEM’S is still a part of MAPS.  Norm stated if we had more cells around the state that had lunches then MAPS could grow more. Norm stated that each cell group would run itself, decide if they want a charter or board.  He also stated that whatever these cells collect in monies goes to MAPS.  SEM’S is an organization within MAPS.  After this presentation, Norm left the meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:

(Per Harry Carlson via his Facebook Messenger App)

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. No changes. Our current balance is still $4,862.51.
  2. Ellen Terpening made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report
    1. Michael Beurer Seconded the motion, The motion passed


Old Business:

  1. Howe sent out second edition of the Loop to keep everyone update.
  2. Michael Howe & Billie Howarth had an earlier meeting to discuss re-ordering MAPS merchandise, pins, mugs, etc. for the retreat.
  3. Ellen reminded Harry about adding her as a signer on the account as previous voted.
  4. Jingle Joy update:
    1. Ted will be meeting with Tim to review the curriculum. Tim said everyone will be getting thumb drives.
  5. Red Suit Conclave discussion
    1. Discussion of classes
  6. Website update discussion
    1. Howe stated we have 356 members and 3 are from Ohio
  7. IBRBS discussion:
    1. The IBRBS discussion is tabled for now.
  8. Bylaw’s update discussion
    1. Harry proposed changes for article 3 for membership.
      1. There was a discussion
      2. Harry read what he wrote. Harry stated he will send Ellen what he wrote so that she can put it in the minutes.
  • Deadline to present is 8/6-8/7. Harry Stated we need 90-day notice and emails must be sent out by 5/6.
  1. Ted brought up not to allow agents as members.
  1. Ellen Terpening will be interviewed 5/10/22 with SAT BOB’S LIVE.


New Business:

  1. Howe started “Santa Moments” and is encouraging everyone to record your Santa moments about 10-15 seconds long. Also, to create a video add your events that you are hosting, basically make a commercial video of the events you are hosting, and M. Howe will include it in his Loop video.
  2. Ted Flynn wants to create a newsletter
  3. Harry will get the insurance policy out to everyone to review to determine is we need the $800 insurance for the year.
  4. Debit card discussion:
    1. Discussion of whether MAPS needs a 2nd debit card for Billie or Ellen who are acting as Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer.
    2. Howe made the motion to get a second debit card for Billie.
    3. Jim Jordan seconded the motion. The motion passed.
  5. Howe talked about having an event in the U. P. with Paul, maybe a luncheon. M. Howe will follow-up and give us an update at the next BOD meeting.


Adjourn Meeting

  • Ted Flynn made the motion to adjourn meeting
  • Harry Carlson seconded the motion
  • Motion passed
  • Meeting ended 8:09 pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Terpening, PhD