Time stated 7:05 pm



Michael Howe                   Roger Minton                    Randyl Lee           Ted Flynn                             Jim Jordan

Ellen Terpening                 Harry Carlson                     Michael Beurer



  1. Minutes were approved as read.
  2. Harry made the motion to approve the minutes.
  3. Ted seconded the motion.
  4. Motion carried.


Billie asked for each of the BOD members to give him an inventory of the MAPS merchandise they have in their possession to sell at their meetings/events.

IT Report from Roger:

Roger stated that about a month ago our website had repeated attacks that caused it to be slow and clunky by a bot that clogged it. Roger purchased a service to get it under control which is about $10 a month temporarily until he can get it fixed permanently.  The emails were hacked and not secured and switched the providers officially. He moved to Amazon Web Services for the emails. Now the delivery rate is much better.

Ellen explained that her daughter was appointed a Grand Officer and has a state function the same weekend as RSC.  Because of this she will not be able to attend RSC this year.  She thanked the BOD for their support and understanding.

Treasurer’s Report:  Postponed until next month

Roger stated he will reconcile the books with his website information with Harry for the JJ event and RSC to see the actual numbers and if any profit was made for either of these events.

 Old Business:

RSC Update:

  1. Ted said Billie has the BBQ all set and ready for Sunday lunch at RSC.
  2. Ted stated that he spoke with all the teachers and confirmed everything with them.
  3. Ted said he will go up there a week before to make sure everything is set up and ready to go for RSC.
  4. Ted stated we can only have round tables in the ballroom and not the long rectangular tables and will have it set up like previous years.
  5. Ted stated that he has everything covered such as who is bringing in the coffee, lunch, & cookies.
  6. Michael Beurer said he is bringing in his sound system and Charlie is bringing in his too.
  7. Ted said he is bringing in his projector.
  8. BOD had a discussion of vendors and thought 10 vendors/10 tables is what we have room for at RSC.

Jingle Joy Retreat

  1. Michael Howe and Ted went to the Reindeer farm today to scout it out for a possible location for the JJ for next year. They looked at some hotels and are working on prices.
  2. Michael Howe stated that Santa True is penciled in for next year. And food will be included in the tickets this time.
  3. Next year’s JJ will be June 6-8.

New Business: None

Next BOD meeting will be at the RSC so no Zoom BOD meeting for August.

 Adjourn Meeting

  1. Michael Beurer made the motion to adjourn the meeting.
  1. Jim seconded the motion.
  2. Motion carried.
  3. Meeting ended 7:41 pm

Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Terpening, PhD