Michigan Association of Professional Santas

Red Suit Conclave

AUGUST 6, 2023

Attendance:  Michael Howe, Roger Minton, Randyl Lee, Ted Flynn, Jim Jordan,Michael Beurer, Billie Howarth


Call to Order 1:11 PM by Michael Howe

Move to Approve Agenda by Roger Minton, Second by Michael Beurer.  Agenda Approved.



  1.  Finance Report.  Harry Carlson not present.  Michael Howe reported that all bills have been paid.
  2. Mrs. Claus.  Ellen Terpening not present.
  3. Technology Report – Roger Minton.

436 Current Members listed on website with 70 additions in 2022 and 100 additions in 2023.  2 Applications are in the queue and 17 are waiting for confirmation of an e-mail.

Inducted honorary Santa & MAPS member, Joe, custodian of SVRC Marketplace for his services.

  1. Billy reported supplies of merchandise included coffee cups and lapel pins.

New ideas included patches (12 donated by Sherri Heath) and possible screen printed t-shirts or logo polos.



M.A.P.S. is moving from an LLC to Non-Profit with the State of Michigan.  Since Michigan Association of Professional Santas is already owned by our LLC, we had to register our Non-Profit as MI Association of Professional Santas.  Waiting for final paperwork to be done.


Randyl reminded the group that the Wrap-up dinner is scheduled for January 13, 2024 at the Century Banquet Hall in Warren, MI.  Last year’s attendance was 121.  He will be looking for a committee to help.

Michael How announced that the Jingle Joy Retreat will potentially be held at the Reindeer Farm in Clare Michigan, with accommodations available at a Mt. Pleasant Michigan Hotel.  Looking to have Photography opportunities available with the reindeer.  Dates set for June 6 & 7, 2024, with Santa True presenting Part 2 of his Christmas Performers Workshop.  Currently working on details and asking for a committee to help.


The Red Suit Conclave will again be held on the 1st weekend of August in 2024.



Why were class suggestions from the Mrs. Claus committee not included in this year’s Conclave agenda when ideas were presented to the Board?  Why is there no female Member at Large on the Committee.  Mrs. Claus’s feel they are not being seen or represented.

MOTION:  Roger Minton proposed that at the next board meeting adding a Mrs. Claus at large position be discussed.  Second by Ted.

Discussion followed of adding 2 new at large Board members to keep the number odd for tie breaking purposes.  Size of committee to be determined by State Rules for non-profits.  Suggested that there is only a minimum size requirement by the state.  Motion Approved.

MOTION:  Roger proposed that all M.A.P.S. events be run by committees rather than individuals for support and to avoid conflicts of interest.  2nd by Randyl.

Motion approved.


Suggested from board that all elves and Mrs. Claus have a presence on M.A.P.S. website separate from their Santa.  Name change of organization suggested to be Michigan Association of Professional Christmas Performers to reflect all groups.  Include that they are continuing the Mission of M.A.P.S.  If there is a name change, group members must be given 30-60 days notification before a vote is taken at the next general meeting per the by-laws.  Recommended ideas need to be sent to the Board for preliminary discussion.


Question arose if we are now allowing people from different states to join.  By laws state that a full member, having the ability to vote, must reside in Michigan.  Members from all other States would be Associates.  Discussion ensued.


Request that cards and letters for Harry Carlson be sent to his home at 28479 Aberdeen St. Southfield, MI   or text at 248-568-8051

Joe Eadie made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Thorpe.  Meeting Adjourned at 2:28 PM.

Meeting minutes were taken by Kathy Norred, posted by Roger Minton