Time stated 7:01 pm


Michael Howe             Ellen Terpening                       Jim Jordan

Harry Carlson              Roger Minton                          Ted Flynn



  1. Minutes were read
    1. Ellen made the motion to approve, Ted seconded the motion, motion carried.


Michael Howe is working on curriculum ideas.

 Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Checking acct. balance as of July 1, 2022: $3,000.56
    1. 1, 2022: $3,000.56
    2. 13, 2022: 4,022.46
    3. Total deposits in July, Aug., Sept. (to date); $1,122.83
    4. Total withdrawals: $90.93
  2. Roger stated that he will send Harry the statements from the website the first week of each month. Roger did send Harry August 2022 statements already.
  3. Billie will not turn in his receipts for the lunch he provided at RSC. The BOD had a discussion and would like to give Billie a monetary gift for appreciation of his services in the amount of $200.00. Ted made the motion, Roger seconded, motion carried.
  4. Harry stated he will keep track of the operation donations and benevolent donations and will keep them separate from now on. Harry stated he will check PayPal account and transfer monies to the bank account and record monies in the correct categories:
    1. Operation donations
    2. Benevolent donations
    3. Merchandise donations

 Old Business:

  1. Wrap-Up Dinner event discussion:
    1. Theme Past, Present & Future
    2. Michael Howe stated he will make a video to encourage more Wrap-Up Dinner registrations.
    3. Roger stated he will be scheduling emails throughout the season to encourage more registrations for the Wrap-Up Dinner.
    4. Jim suggested to put in the dates for RSC & JJ in the Wrap-Up Dinner program.
  2. IT update: Roger stated he sent Harry an invoice in August around the 8th through the 10th
  3. Roger stated we have 371 members registered and we have 5 to 20 members active every 3 days.
  4. JJ Retreat discussion: Both Michael Howe and Ted Flynn will be looking for new places for the JJ Retreat and will present the information in January 2023.
  5. Insurance Policy update discussion: Harry stated the policy has now lapsed.  Harry stated he did correct the address. Harry has not gotten the cancellation notice/bill from Norm.  Several BOD members stated they will not pay this bill anymore but will pay the cancellation fee because the insurance company has not provided the policy for the BOD to review and to know what is covered.  (Please note:  This was not voted on by the BOD).
  6. Michael Howe is in the process of making an appointment with an attorney to discussion MAPS as LLC vs. 501C3

New Business:

  1. No new business


  1. Ted Flynn & Michael Howe to find new locations for the JJ Retreat
  2. Michael Howe talks to the attorney

Adjourn Meeting

  • Roger made the motion to adjourn meeting
  • Ted seconded the motion
  • Motion carried
  • Meeting ended 8:01 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Terpening, PhD