Board of Directors Meeting March 12th 2024

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Michael Howe at precisely 7:00 PM. Michael Howe warmly welcomed Kathy Norred, noting her presence to the board, and informed the attendees of Shawn White’s expected delayed arrival.

Roll Call: The following board members were present:

  • Michael Howe
  • Michael Beurer
  • Roger Minton
  • Ted Flynn
  • Randyl Wagner
  • Kathy Norred
  • Melissa Rickard
  • Jim Jordan
  • Shawn White (Perveniens Sero)

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the previous February meeting were carefully reviewed. After thorough consideration, Ted Flynn moved to approve the minutes, a motion seconded by Jim Jordan. With no objections raised, the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Finance Committee: While members Harry and Billy were not in attendance, it was noted that funds are actively being collected for CPW (Christmas Performers Workshop).
  2. Tech Report: Roger Minton provided an insightful report on recent technological advancements. He highlighted improvements made to the MAPS website, ensuring smoother navigation and faster loading times. Additionally, registration statistics for CPW and Jingle Joy were shared, indicating significant interest and participation in upcoming events. There are 25 people registered for CPW 21 of which are single registrations and 4 couple registrations. We are currently at our break even point.
  3. Events Report: Jim Jordan delivered the events report, noting that there were no significant updates at this time. However, he mentioned ongoing communication with fellow board member Randyl Wagner and outreach efforts to ensure successful event planning.
  4. Executive Report: Michael Howe addressed the board, focusing on important administrative matters. He discussed his recent consultation with his tax professional regarding tax filing procedures for MAPS. Furthermore, Harry’s resignation as treasurer was announced, prompting discussions about necessary nominations for the roles of President and Vice President and Treasurer.

Nominations and Elections: Following protocol, Michael Beurer was nominated for the position of President by Ted Flynn and seconded by Randyl Wagner. Likewise, Randyl Wagner was nominated for the role of Vice President by Ted Flynn and seconded by Roger Minton. Both nominations received unanimous approval from the board.

Treasurer Election: Attention was then turned to the vacant treasurer position, with Kathy Norred being proposed as a potential candidate. However, due to the complexity of the decision, it was agreed to defer the vote to the next meeting to allow for careful consideration.

Financial Reporting: Ted Flynn reiterated multiple times the importance of thorough financial reporting for the organization. In response, Michael Howe assured the board that efforts were underway to compile comprehensive financial records, with assistance from Kathy Norred, who expressed her willingness to contribute her financial expertise if needed.

Member-at-Large Position: A fruitful discussion ensued regarding the vacant Member-at-Large position. Recognizing the value of outgoing president Michael Howe’s continued involvement, a motion was made by Michael Beurer to offer him the position with full voting rights, beginning in April. This motion was seconded by Jim Jordan and met with unanimous approval from the board.

Additional Business:

  • Michael Beurer brought attention to the expiration of the discount period for CPW tickets for the first tier and suggested strategies for effective marketing via Randyl Magic Marketing.
  • Plans and preparations for the upcoming Red Suit Conclave were discussed, including the scheduling of a Zoom meeting to address pertinent details this month.
  • Concerns were raised regarding the availability of Santas for summer events, prompting further discussion and considerations for contingency plans.

Acknowledgment and Adjournment: As the meeting drew to a close, Herbie expressed heartfelt gratitude to Michael Howe for his exemplary leadership over the past three years. The entire board joined in a round of applause to commend Michael for his dedication and achievements within the organization. In response, Michael expressed his gratitude and emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration within the MAPS and the entire Christmas Performer Community, reaffirming the organization’s motto: “We are Better Together.” With no further business to address, Melissa Rickard moved to adjourn the meeting, a motion seconded by Michael Beurer. All members present voted in favor, and the meeting was adjourned at precisely 7:31 PM.

Next Meeting: The date, time, and location of the next meeting will be communicated to all board members in due course.

Respectfully Submitted with Christmas Love and Magic

Melissa Lynn Rickard

“Santa Mel”

MAPS Recording Secretary