Board Of Directors Meeting 2/13/2024

MAPS Board of Directors Meeting Date:February 13, 2024

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM.

Directors in Attendance:

  • Michael Howe
  • Michael Beurer
  • Roger Minton
  • Billy Howorth (prior ad conventum)
  • Ted Flynn
  • Jim Jordan
  • Melissa Rickard
The agenda was approved as written.
Michael Howe and the Board of Directors Welcomed Melissa “Santa Mel” Rickard as the new recording secretary of MAPS. Melissa thanked the board for the election and looks forward to serving.

The minutes from the last meeting were read by Michael Beurer. A motion to approve as read was offered by Ted Flynn and seconded by Jim Jordan. The “ayes” were in favor, and the motion carried.

Roger Minton provided the technology report, highlighting the organization’s significant growth over the past four years on the current site. He emphasized the urgent need for upgrades due to site slowdowns, particularly with the increasing number of members. Currently, the organization pays approximately $35 per month for hosting, and it was proposed to increase this to around $50 per month ($420-600 per year) to implement necessary upgrades aimed at improving site speed and database performance. With over 30,000 posts in the last three years, a more robust database infrastructure is imperative. After thorough discussion, a motion was made to approve the increase in spending from $35.00/month to $50.00/month to initiate the next step in enhancing site speed and database structure. Additionally, the motion included pre-approval for the next two steps if deemed necessary. The motion was made by [Name], seconded by Ted Flynn, and unanimously approved.

Roger also addressed the issue of approximately 100 members who have never logged in or initiated contact, with an additional 101 members inactive for three years. After deliberation, it was agreed that Roger would send a reminder email to these members, urging them to log in within 30 days. Failure to do so will result in their accounts being archived. The Board of Directors authorizes Roger to take action on these accounts and provide an update at the next meeting.

Roger Minton provided an update, announcing that the CPW (Christmas Performers Workshop) site is now live, enabling individuals to register for the event. He also highlighted the decision to send separate emails for Jingle Joy and the CPW workshop. This choice was made to address the confusion within the membership body during the last communication, where both events were combined in a single email. It was emphasized that the CPW class is a paid class, while Jingle Joy is a free event.

Additionally, Roger underscored the importance of clarity and separation in communication to prevent similar confusion in the future.

Jim Jordan reminded everyone to bring a seat cushion to CPW as the seats are uncomfortable.

Michael Howe expressed gratitude to Roger for all his technology work, a sentiment echoed by the entire Board of Directors.

Roger also reminded the Board to please inform him if anyone passes away. He mentioned that Johnny Rickard and Cathy Kage have been added to the Last Sleigh Ride page.

Jim Jordan gave an update on Jingle Joy, noting that the Best Western hotel in Claire, MI, has available rooms: 2 queen rooms for $106.00 per night or 1 king bed for $96.00 per night. He mentioned the nearby Ponderosa restaurant, which can accommodate 60 people with advance notice. Michael Howe added additional information to this update.

Donna Foreman will be at Rooftop Landing to take pictures of Santas with the reindeer, with a changing room available. The board will reach out to Santa Joe to inquire about pricing for a reindeer puzzle head craft. The event committee will convene in March.

Jim Jordan also requested Shawn White to take over Family Night and expressed gratitude to Ted and Michael for their hard work. After discussion, it was noted that the break-even point for attending CPW is 30 people (~$6,000.00). With 40 attendees, revenue would be around $9,000, resulting in a profit. $4,600.00 will be allocated to Santa True and $1,200.00 to the Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm. The room can accommodate up to 50 people if necessary.

Michael Howe inquired about events Jim and Billy were exploring. Ted mentioned Rachel’s need for a Santa in his place for Christmas in July, which will be a Santa Casual event.

Under New Business, the Board of Directors discussed bringing on two Mrs. Claus representatives to sit on the board. The nominees are Mrs. Kathy Norred and Mrs. Shawn White. It was decided to extend the invitation to them now, allowing them to attend the next Board of Directors meeting and start their positions officially on April 9th.

Jim Jordan inquired about further announcements or nominations for Mrs. Claus representatives, sparking discussion. Eventually, a motion was made by Roger Minton to offer Kathy Norred and Shawn White seats on the board, officially starting on April 9th. Michael Beurer seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.

Discussion ensued about events and contact numbers. Ted Flynn and Jim Jordan will be responsible for managing passwords and other pertinent information. Michael will send a link to Harry and Billy for the 1099 EX tax form, with assistance from Melissa Rickard to ensure it is sent promptly.

Michael Howe expressed his gratitude to the board for the privilege to serve not only the State of Michigan but the entire nation, emphasizing that “We Are Better Together!”

Michael Howe proposed staying on the board as President Emeritus, providing counsel and guidance as a non-voting member. The board elected to table this topic and discussion for now. Michael advised that his term as President is ending, and it is time to elect a new President of MAPS. Nominations were accepted for President, and Jim Jordan declined the nomination. Michael Beurer accepted the nomination for the next President, as nominations for the next President can only come from the acting Board of Directors. Discussion followed.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on March 12th. Michael asked if there were any other comments or concerns. None were mentioned. Ted Flynn made the motion to adjourn, Jim Jordan seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:01 PM.

Respectfully Submitted with Christmas Love,

Melissa L. Rickard

a.k.a Santa Mel

MAPS Recording Secretary