Time stated 7:07 pm


Michael Howe             Michael Beurer           Randyl Lee      Tim Terpening

Ellen Terpening           Roger Minton              Ted Flynn



 Minutes were approved as read.

  • Roger made the motion to approve the minutes.
  • M. Beurer seconded the motion.
  • Motion carried.



Ellen reported on the Mrs. Claus Committee meeting for their ideas for their RSC classes.  Their goal is to have a Mrs. Claus on Saturday and one Mrs. Claus on Sunday. Below are the top 3 classes from the poll that was done in the MRS. SANTAS FB Group:

  1. Solo Mrs. Claus
    1. What other jobs can Mrs. Claus do throughout the year.
    2. How to get other jobs throughout the year/how does Mrs. Claus get those gigs.
    3. How to work with Solo Santa
  2. Claus outfits-how to design them/Fashion show (could be at SVRC or the hotel)
    1. Traditional
    2. Thrift store
    3. Christmas in July/Summer look
    4. Modern
    5. Elegant
    6. Undergarments
  3. Demonstrating Class-showing how to do an arts/crafts at your gigs.

The top 3 combined class ideas that were discussed for both Mrs. Claus and Santa together are the following:

  1. What’s in the bag class (could be combined with the Santa’s but include Mrs. Claus’s bag).
  2. Improv (could be combined with Santa’s but include examples with Mrs. Claus).
  3. Combined class with Santa’s to show the value of having Mrs. Claus with them.

The Mrs. Claus Committee also discussed the possibility of a Mrs. Claus day retreat for this year and a weekend retreat for 2024.

  1. Ted stated he thinks we should have an event just for Mrs. Claus classes.

Ellen stated that Kat Imhausen will be teaching beginning basics ASL at MRS. SANTAS next Cuppa Tea With Friends on April 4, 2023 at 7 pm.  This event has been posted in the MAPS event calendar.


Treasurer’s Report:

Postponed until next meeting.


Old Business:

  1. Jingle Joy update:
    1. M. Howe stated we have 36 registered for JJ.
    2. M. Howe state Trisha Gronda volunteered to do a make it and take it craft at JJ at the same time as golfing is happening, so we have two options to do in the afternoon.
    3. M. Howe asked Randyl to make it and take it couple props at JJ.
    4. M. Howe is working on some board games for JJ.
    5. M. Howe stated that Trisha & Joe Gronda is painting stones to look like Santas then they will be hidden. If you find a stone, you will turn it is for a prize.  Blake volunteered to carve Santas and will donate them for the prizes for the Santa stones. Only 1 Santa stone per family.
    6. M. Howe stated he has a draft schedule for JJ in the shared folder.
    7. M. Howe stated we need to create a sign up for 9-hole golf. Ted said he would contact the JJ Resort to see if they will give us a discount.  M. Howe thinks there will be more than 10 golfing.

2.  RSC Update:

    1. Roger will be getting RSC information from Ted so that he can create an event page on the website for people to register.
    2. Ellen will send Roger the MRS. SANTAS poll questions so that Roger can use the same information to create a separate poll for the Mrs. Claus classes at RSC.
    3. Roger will be creating a separate poll for Santa classes at RSC.
    4. Roger stated we need to market/promote more directly to Mrs. Clauses & Elves for Mrs. Claus classes.


3.  IT update:

  1. Roger stated we have 26 tickets at $195 sold for CPW/Santa True classes and 5 couple tickets at $360.00 sold.
  2. Roger stated that we have more than broke even and when more register the monies will be used for the room and snacks.
  3. Roger stated the Early Elf ($195.00) pricing has been extended until the end of March.
  4. Roger stated we now have 401 members. 30 of those members are Mrs. Clauses.
  5. Roger stated that Norm had a concern over his website/profile that another member was able to show him. Roger said that happened when he had to open up the old one to work on the new one and that it has been corrected now.


4.  LLC vs Non-Profit Update:

    1. Tim Terpening was asked to speak to MAPS again regarding changing MAPS to a non-profit because specializes in creating non-profits and tax laws.
    2. M. Howe thanked Tim and Ellen for all their work in helping change MAPS from an LLC to a non-profit.
    3. Tim gave an update and stated that all the documents have been filled out, signed and filed with the state and MAPS has a new EIN. Now we wait for approval.  He also stated that we cannot use the new EIN number until we MAPS has been approved and that process could take 3 to 6 months.  Tim stated that the process is moving forward.
    4. Tim asked the BOD for clarification for pending documents if the MAPS nonprofit will be membership run or BOD run. Howe stated the MAPS nonprofit will be BOD run.
    5. M. Howe stated that all the documents and new EIN number are in the shared folder.


New Business:

  1. M. Howe stated that next month’s BOD agenda is in the shared folder now.


Next BOD meeting is 4/11/23 at 7:00 pm.


Adjourn Meeting

  • Ted made the motion to adjourn meeting.
  • Roger seconded the motion.
  • Motion carried.
  • Meeting ended 7:48 pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Terpening, PhD