Northern Lights Santa Academy

$275 - $505 /Per Student / Per Couple


Continuing education is what industry leaders and professionals do. It is critical to continually build upon your skills, and learn new ones, in order to grow your business and improve your craft. After all, being Santa is a very big responsibility. For centuries, society has relied on Santa to create the magic of Christmas. To accept this responsibility you must be committed to being the best Santa you can be. And what better way to elevate your performance, sharpen your abilities and stay current in the industry than through learning from seasoned instructors and sharing information and networking with your fellow Santas.


As the largest school for holiday performers in the Southeast, we understand that at each school session the experience level and needs for our students varies. As part of our unique and fresh approach to education, we screen pre-registered students to determine what they most want to learn, so that we can tailor each school session to the specific needs of the Santas, Mrs. Claus and Elves who will be in attendance.

We offer classes on a rotating and seasonal basis, rather than following a static curriculum for each school session throughout the year. Simply put, in the spring classes are designed towards education for the purpose of allowing time to utilize and perfect skills learned, while our fall classes focus on inspiring, motivating, polishing and helping performers gear up for the season. We will also continually develop curriculum based on the needs and suggestions of our students. This fluid curriculum format of teaching allows us to help our students to continually develop their talents and perform at their highest levels possible.

Additionally, one of the cornerstone philosophies of the Northern Lights Santa Academy is that diversity in education is important. With that in mind, we will always strive to invite instructors from other Santa educational institutions, as well as guest instructors from arenas outside of the industry who have something to offer our students. We believe that providing our students with a larger knowledge base and diversity of instructors, makes the Northern Lights Santa Academy invaluable to the Santa/Mrs. Claus/Elf community.

Atlanta, GA