Academy of Christmas Artists

Have you ever wanted to attend a Christmas Artist training program that wasn’t teaching the same old things as every other training? Have you ever wanted to learn from various performance arts to elevate your portrayal of our favorite holiday characters? Then please consider joining us at the ACA for the Academy of Christmas Artists.

The Academy of Christmas Artists was founded with the goal of raising the bar of performance artists in the Christmas market. We found that by using teaching techniques from clowning, magic, movement, mime, business, theatre, and dance we could help Christmas Performing Artists become the ultimate holiday entertainer.

All meals and accommodations are included in your registration price!

Red Suit Conclave

MAPS Annual Red Suit Conclave is held the first weekend in August.

Two days of packed full of learning and fellowship.


Welcome to Santa Gordon Bailey’s North Pole home. From here, Santa coordinates all of his toy-making responsibilities and creates the materials for his Santa school, Santa and the Business of Being Santa.

Since its inaugural year (2014), Santa Gordon’s SATBOBS Santa School has been a rousing success. Now in the midst of his fourth year and to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing count of those who seek to be professional Santas or those that seek to hone their skills, SATBOBS Santa Schools has added four trained, independently franchised instructors to cover Canada to Arizona and New York to Florida. You will find our instructors bio’s here and the school schedule here.

School of Santas


Kick off your season with inspiration from the best instructors in the Christmas community!  

~ 4 Days (Thursday-Sunday) of classes
~ All Meals provided (4 dinners & 3 lunches)
~ 2 Branson Theater Shows
~ Cookies & Milk Opening Reception with Raffle, Giveaways, & Branson-style Entertainment 
~ Printed 4×6 photo with Keynote Instructors
~ Digital Group Photo 
~ Graduation Reception with 

Vendors & Stuff for Santa onsite store!

Mrs. Santas

The inspiration of this new branch in our non-profit ministry, Mrs. Santa’s came from all my children, especially my daughter, Rainey and my son, Tim.  My husband and I are both Pastors.  We started our ministry of service together in the year of 2000. This service has taken many forms over the years from providing food to foodbanks, raising funds to create foodbanks, bringing in semi-trucks filled with food in our surrounding communities, ministering to families that have experienced tragedy & broken homes, provided Christian educational programs & classes for adults and children and a Santa & Mrs. Claus outreach ministry for children and their families.  Basically, providing spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people in our communities.  Both Tim and Rainey chose to follow our path of service.

My son, Tim chose to serve his country by joining the Army National Guard and did two tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.  His mission was to protect and serve.  As a result, from these tours, my son got a very rare cancer from the burn pits during his deployments.  Even in extreme pain, he continued to help others in his community, never once complaining of the pain he was in.  At the end of his battle with EHE cancer, my son still was trying to help others.  Tim was blessed by so many of his “Battle Buddies” coming to him telling him how much of a difference he made in their lives and where he served his country. Tim entered Heaven on April 9, 2019.

My daughter, Rainey grew up watching her Dad and I help our communities and watching her brother, Tim serve our country and give to others while battling cancer.  She started doing “Acts of Kindness” when she was 13 years old by collecting pop cans and cashing them in to help people in her community.  Rainey touched so many lives that people in her community started dropping off pop cans on our front porch to help support her mission.  Now she gets calls monthly from shelters, churches, schools, businesses and non-profits all asking for her help.  Rainey has such a heart and passion for service.  She truly believes that if everyone did one “Act of Kindness” each day we could all make a difference in someone’s life, maybe even change the world!

Both Tim and Rainey observed our Santa & Mrs. Claus ministry and thought this was a great way to plant seeds of the true meaning of Christmas! The idea began to form from a mother/daughter conversation on how we could make a larger impact serving others. Through our conversation Rainey suggested we should name our new division of our non-profit ministry Mrs. Santa’s (Mrs. Santa’s Angels National Team Association Support) because Mrs. Santa is the heart of Christmas and has the passion of helping everyone!  We began our research and found out there really was not anything out there to help like-minded women to fellowship, teach, learn, promote social, emotional growth and enrich each other’s lives.  And to help and empower children in our communities by bringing a positive change to the lives of children in need.  Spreading love and joy by sharing the true meaning of Christmas everyday of the year.  We discovered our mission and started our new journey together!

Santa Nana’s Holiday University

Welcome to  Santa Nana’s Holiday University, where you can experience a different and unexpected point of view for holiday education. Today, families, clients, and the full Christmas community recognize the role and value women bring to a create a more complete holiday experience. At Santa Nana’s Holiday University, our approach to learn, share, encourage, and connect with others, helps to prepare you to be a great solo performer, or a great partner.

SNHU is for ALL Christmas performers: Mrs. Claus, Santa, Elves, and supporters.

This two (or three) -day, traveling program is specially designed from a lady’s point of view,  and built on the legacy and vision of Santa Nana (Lucky Royse). Visit the Curriculum page to learn more, and we invite you to ask about scheduling a class in your location.

Santa Nana’s Holiday University believes in the power and uniqueness of YOU, and helps you discover the Claus you’ve always wanted to be. The only cookie-cutter Claus is the one in Mrs. Claus’s bakery!

St. Nicholas Institute

Welcome to the Saint Nicholas Institute!

The Saint Nicholas Institute is dedicated to promoting the ideals and encouraging the example of Saint Nicholas and his modern interpretation, Santa Claus. Founded by Father Joseph Marquis the Institute conducts an annual seminar teaching Santas and Mrs. Clauses how to be Ho-Ho-Holy! as well as holding an annual awards banquet where individuals who have exemplified the Spirit of Saint Nicholas are honored. In addition, the Institute seeks to educate the public about Saint Nicholas through resources and information about the Bishop of Myra.

Northern Lights Santa Academy


Continuing education is what industry leaders and professionals do. It is critical to continually build upon your skills, and learn new ones, in order to grow your business and improve your craft. After all, being Santa is a very big responsibility. For centuries, society has relied on Santa to create the magic of Christmas. To accept this responsibility you must be committed to being the best Santa you can be. And what better way to elevate your performance, sharpen your abilities and stay current in the industry than through learning from seasoned instructors and sharing information and networking with your fellow Santas.


As the largest school for holiday performers in the Southeast, we understand that at each school session the experience level and needs for our students varies. As part of our unique and fresh approach to education, we screen pre-registered students to determine what they most want to learn, so that we can tailor each school session to the specific needs of the Santas, Mrs. Claus and Elves who will be in attendance.

We offer classes on a rotating and seasonal basis, rather than following a static curriculum for each school session throughout the year. Simply put, in the spring classes are designed towards education for the purpose of allowing time to utilize and perfect skills learned, while our fall classes focus on inspiring, motivating, polishing and helping performers gear up for the season. We will also continually develop curriculum based on the needs and suggestions of our students. This fluid curriculum format of teaching allows us to help our students to continually develop their talents and perform at their highest levels possible.

Additionally, one of the cornerstone philosophies of the Northern Lights Santa Academy is that diversity in education is important. With that in mind, we will always strive to invite instructors from other Santa educational institutions, as well as guest instructors from arenas outside of the industry who have something to offer our students. We believe that providing our students with a larger knowledge base and diversity of instructors, makes the Northern Lights Santa Academy invaluable to the Santa/Mrs. Claus/Elf community.

ProSanta School

Santa Doug Eberhart has been portraying Santa Claus for 42 years. He started his acting career in Massillon, Ohio at Washington High School and began as Santa when he was 14 years old. His mother Sandy made his first Santa suit out of an XL men’s pajama pattern. Doug began by doing “Santa gigs” for friends and neighbors and worked his way into doing home visits. Being a large football player, (offensive center) Doug continued his passion for playing Old Saint Nick through his college years at Princeton University where he graduated in 1985.

Upon graduation, Santa Doug moved to Charlotte, NC and continued his portrayal up until this day. He has entertained over 20,000 children and adults. He is a member of IBRBS, Santa USA and prefers to use a designer beard due to his work in the medical field. Being a Designer Bearded Santa has not slowed down Santa Doug’s business. He has been Santa Claus for TV commercials, The Carolina Panthers, Department stores, Grocery Chains, numerous corporate parties and hundreds of home visits.

Santa Doug has gone to numerous Santa schools and classes including the C.W. Howard school. He fills his schedule with about 75 gigs per season. Santa Doug is known for wearing numerous Santa outfits that are beyond the traditional. Many of his outfits are based on vintage postcards and drawings. You can see some of his collection at under the photo section, his personal website.
In May of 2018, Santa Doug started which specializes in products for the PROFESSIONAL Santa. Products include custom made Santa Suits, shirts, vests, waistcoats, belts, buckles, bells, santa bling etc. You can reach him at
In June of 2019 he founded with Santa Stephen P Price, Charlotte Area Christmas performers, a group of local Santas, Mrs. Clauses and Christmas performers.

He has taught Santa Fashion 101 at the Northern Lights Santa Academy and in 2021 plans on teaching his own school at May 1-2 in Charlotte, NC

Santa Family Reunion

At Santa Family Reunion we are……FAMILY.   In this family unit we are all individuals, but with the same goal – to keep the spirit and love of Christmas alive in hearts worldwide.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity to learn and share openly with each other and pass on our collective knowledge within our community.  We strive to create a family bond celebrating the spirit of Christmas.  
It’s Magical and Memorable  –  FAMILY!