Michigan Association of Professional Santas Board of Directors meeting June 11, 2024

**Michigan Association of Professional Santas (MAPS) Board of Directors Meeting**

**Date:** June 11, 2024

**Attendees:** President Michael Beurer, Michael Howe, Roger Minton, Kathy Norred, Randyl Wagoner, Melissa Rickard, Shawn White, Jim Jordan were in full attendance.(Member at large Ted Flynn will try to hop on as he’s out of town)

**Call to Order:** The meeting was called to order by President Beurer at 7:00 PM.

**Approval of Agenda:** The agenda was approved as written.

**Approval of Minutes:** The minutes from the previous meeting were approved with the correction of Shawn White’s name spelling error.


– **Membership:**
– 15 new members are awaiting call and email verification.
– 23 additional members are pending, making a total of 40 potential new members.

– **Finance:**
– Treasurer Kathy Norred reported issues with the bank; contact attempts with the bank are ongoing.
– Expenses: $3480 for the reindeer farm, $4000 for Santa.
– Income: $780 in checks, $316 in cash, totaling $996 from Jingle Joy.
– Additional funds: $900 allocated for Jingle Joy next year, $96 for merchandise, and a $1200 check for Jingle Joy.

– **Tech Director:**
– Roger Minton reported that technology operations are progressing well.
– Roger will train Melissa Rickard on member verification calls.
– An itemized list of website sales was sent to Kathy and Billy.

– **Event Committee:**
– Jim Jordan received positive feedback about the Santa event at the Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm.
– Donations were received for next year’s event.
– Discussion on organizing a wrap-up banquet: President Beurer suggested a post on the website to form a subcommittee. Roger will assist with this.

**President’s Report:**
– President Beurer shared positive feedback from Jingle Joy, apologized for early departure due to a family emergency, and Roger Minton highlighted the event’s increased attendance from 44 folks last year to 65 this year.
– There was a suggestion to hold a fellowship event at the pavilion next year to enhance social aspects as feedback was received that 1 1/2 hour campfire was not enough time to socialize and that fellowship time that we usually had at the campground was missed greatly.

**New Business:**
– Jim Jordan sent an email with the schedule for the Red Suit Conclave.
– Discussion on not needing a steering committee meeting under 501(c)(3) requirements.
– Importance of member interaction with the board was emphasized.

– **Vendor Registration for Red Suit Conclave:**
– Motion by Melissa Rickard, seconded by Kathy Norred, to charge $25 for vendor tables inside the venue. Motion carried.
– Spangle, who sets up outside, is exempt from the fee.
– A separate consignment area To avoid confusion separate from the vendors was suggested by Roger.

– **Hotel Arrangements:**
– Randyl Wagoner will look into covering hotel rooms for the Tuesday Night Live crew and Spangle.
– Funds availability to be checked by Kathy Norred.
– Michael Howe informed Scott from Tuesday Night Live about broadcasting arrangements.

**Additional Comments:**
– Discussion on inviting Bruce from Canada to teach at the Red Suit Conclave.
– President Beurer reinforced the importance of including Bruce.

– Motion to adjourn by Randyl Wagner, seconded by Shawn White. The meeting was adjourned at 7:39 PM.
– Next board meeting scheduled for July 9 at 7:00 PM.

**Respectfully submitted, With Christmas love and magic.**

Santa Mel