February 4, 2020

February 4, 2020 Meeting open at 7:05 pm

Present Board Members; Ted, Harry, Bill, Carrie, Fred, Jim, Norm

Guest; Joe Gronda

Old Business; **sending post cards to members (not discussed that I know of)

**2019 season Wrap up Dinner, several people stated this was the

Best one ever,(Thank You Carrie, Harry, and the Wrap up committee

New Business; **Board approved for Joe to start a new more accessible website, the

Original site will be left in place until the board approves full

Implementation of the new one.

**Carrie is moving to Assistant Treasurer and Harry is now the


**Red Suit Conclave will be August 1, Carrie has already made

reservations, Our next board meeting will focus on the RSC.

Next meeting, Tuesday March 3,

Meeting closed 8:02pm

Respectfully Submitted

Bill Howarth