Welcome to Santa Gordon Bailey’s North Pole home. From here, Santa coordinates all of his toy-making responsibilities and creates the materials for his Santa school, Santa and the Business of Being Santa.

Since its inaugural year (2014), Santa Gordon’s SATBOBS Santa School has been a rousing success. Now in the midst of his fourth year and to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing count of those who seek to be professional Santas or those that seek to hone their skills, SATBOBS Santa Schools has added four trained, independently franchised instructors to cover Canada to Arizona and New York to Florida. You will find our instructors bio’s here and the school schedule here.

Santa Nana’s Holiday University

Welcome to  Santa Nana’s Holiday University, where you can experience a different and unexpected point of view for holiday education. Today, families, clients, and the full Christmas community recognize the role and value women bring to a create a more complete holiday experience. At Santa Nana’s Holiday University, our approach to learn, share, encourage, and connect with others, helps to prepare you to be a great solo performer, or a great partner.

SNHU is for ALL Christmas performers: Mrs. Claus, Santa, Elves, and supporters.

This two (or three) -day, traveling program is specially designed from a lady’s point of view,  and built on the legacy and vision of Santa Nana (Lucky Royse). Visit the Curriculum page to learn more, and we invite you to ask about scheduling a class in your location.

Santa Nana’s Holiday University believes in the power and uniqueness of YOU, and helps you discover the Claus you’ve always wanted to be. The only cookie-cutter Claus is the one in Mrs. Claus’s bakery!

Christmas Performers Workshop

Taking It To The Next Level

Christmas Performing is a unique art. Few performers will have their audience climb into their lap one moment and be as big as a parade route the next. As our profession grows and develops, there will be a demand for Christmas Performers who can bring a variety of entertaining skills: storytelling, singing, acting, improv, mime, character work, and so much more.

Christmas Performer Workshops (CPW) is about helping you bring it to next level, to help you develop your own unique offerings, and save you time on your journey as an “A-List” Performer.

How Do We Do That?

The truth is that no weekend workshop is going to help you develop amazing performing skills. Like any art form, these skills take investment, time, and practice to develop. That said, your average performing arts teacher is not going to know the idiosyncrasies of our Art Form. CPW has a big advantage. We start from a Reenactor / Storytelling background and add the experience as a Christmas Performer. This is probably the best fit when we look at the variety of skills it takes to make a Christmas Character come to life!

When you book one of our workshops, classes, or sessions, we help you save time, money, and help you find the specific resources, knowledge, and training you need.

The Brothers Claus

Leon and Steve have come to be known as “The Brothers Claus” for many reasons but mostly because of the fun they have portraying one of the most famous characters of our time, the legendary Santa Claus. If you’ve had the chance to see them, you know what is meant by fun or possibly just crazy! These men didn’t awaken one day and decide to be Santa. As they like to say, they were called. Once they received their calling, they accepted it with gusto. Both men have been honored by being inducted into the “International Santa Claus Hall of Fame.”

They have worked together as a team, and individually, teaching classes at numerous Santa events, conventions, group gatherings and also at the oldest Santa Claus School in the nation: the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School , which is now in it’s 81st year! But that’s not all! Now, for the first time ever, a full two-day Santa Claus class may be coming to an area near you in 2019. Leon and Steve will show, demonstrate and discuss the various techniques and procedures that have helped each of them to become top-rated Santas in their respective markets. If becoming an extraordinary Santa is your desire, then you owe it to yourself and to the children you serve to not miss this class. Sign up soon as seating will be limited.

International University of Santa Claus

School4Santas (S4S) is different from other schools, as it travels to cities across the Nation.  While we cannot always be in your hometown, you will find that we will travel to regional locations that are generally closer to you than traveling to other schools.

In addition to traveling all over the country with live schools, all of my training (22 hours) has been recorded and produced into MP4 files which are now available as our “IUSC Home Study Course.”  This includes the full two-day school (16- hours) and the Advanced Day (6 hours) with “Making the Moment.”  Everything has been edited into MP4 videos for your home study.  And you can view it over and over. 

School4Santas is designed for both Real Bearded and Theatrically bearded Santas, Mrs. Claus, Holiday Professionals and Volunteers, this is one of the most comprehensive schools offered, and the number one school, taught by a professional Santa, who shares his knowledge from over 50-years in the industry. 

And because of those who have attended, and their sharing with others, the school continues to be the most popular and educational training for Professional and Volunteer Santas and Mrs. Claus.

Registration for the two-day standard school is just $309, $459 for a couple. This includes 16 hours of training, the course book and your personalized diploma, or two diplomas for a couple. Travel, meals and lodging are not included.

Alumni Rates are just $239 per person, and $329 per couple and include the full course and diplomas, no course book. 

The basic school is arranged with 16 hours of training and lecture, supported by a power point presentation.  And course curriculum is updated annually.


This year, all new Students will receive the 20th Anniversary edition of my 246-page course book, “Behind the Red Suit,” and upon completion, everyone receives a diploma recognizing their attendance.

First-time attendees receive a Bachelor Diploma in Santa Clausology.  Second time attendees are Alumni and receive a Master’s Diploma.  Those attending more than twice receive Advanced Master’s Diplomas.  

And everyone that attends the school or purchases our Home Study course, is automatically entered into the “Red Suit Society” 

Plus your can order the new Advanced Sessions, “MAKING THE MOMENT!”   

This is an added six-hours of advanced training for those who have taken the standard school, in person or through home study.  It offers special emphasis on improving and enhancing your visits and appearances, and developing those, very special moments. 

This advanced program includes training and work on special events, posing, and making any Santa activity even more special for your clients.  It includes the workbook, “Making the Moment,” including almost 200 sample photos and diagrams,” plus registrants receive a certificate of completition.